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Archive for the ‘Musical Instruments’ Category

Lil Drummers

Just this morning when we woke up, my 3 year-old son automatically opened the laptop and asked me to browse for little drummers online because he wanted to watch. Hubby and I were so amazed that at his very young age he’s showing interest in music and we thank God for it!

Actually, Joshua loves guitars and drums that much that his daddy wanted to buy him the instruments at www.musiciansfriend.com because there are lots of different instruments of different brands to choose from and at the same time we can find good deals in there too. Hope we can realize his wishes as his Christmas gift.

Sounding Off

I have been emceeing various occasions already and among the things that satisfies my concern of performance is my voice’s output whenever I begin sounding off. Every time I find myself seeming like a professional disc jockey, I would always feel good and it erases those upsetting thoughts of not being able to delight my clients and the crowd. I used to think that it’s just the microphone or the speaker that brings about distinction; I am surprised about this zvex amp that adds character to sound and renovates instruments and vocals into invigorating tones, it seems like you will be surprise with its apparent volume. This is probably the reason why in some venues emceeing is enthusing.

What Eaters Care About?

Filipinos are music lovers and pungent eaters. In my city alone, it’s quite ordinary to dine in restaurants with live acoustic music especially in seafood restaurants. So if you consider investing in food and beverage industry in the Philippines, aside from cooking very sumptuous food, care about hiring a singer who could perform acoustics and get the best 12 string guitar at musicians friend. Also, don’t forget to consider parking as it is one factor that customers are mindful of. Surely, you will capture the crowd.

Family of Musicians

Not to boast but the whole family of my brother-in-law is incline into music. The father knows how to sing and play any kind of instruments while the mother also is a singer. Of course, automatically the children inherited the golden voice of their parents plus both of their daughters knows how to play the drums and guitars. :) Aren’t they cool making their own family band?

Since my kid’s cousins are into music, my son and daughter really wanted to learn and be like them too. Our eldest daughter asked us to buy her a new guitar (good thing she’s not familiar yet with Fender American Vintage Stratocasters), what’s  still in her mind is just a pink guitar and that would be so fine for her. Our lil boy also wants to own a real drum set (junior set) but I guess we still need to save for their requests. Hope we can fulfill all their wishes and be the best musicians in town. :)

Best Mixer for Gigs

If you are planning to buy for the best mixer to handle for your live gigs then try the behringer xenyx x1222usb usb mixer with effects. This one provides the state-of-the-art tools you need to make stunning, professional-quality recordings. Along with a built-in USB/audio interface, the Behringer XENYX USB mixer comes with all the recording and editing software you’ll need to turn your computer system into a complete, high-performance home recording studio.

I guess if my cousin will know about this great deal that they are offering, then for sure he would buy one. :)


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