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No Time For Exercise

Not me! But my friends and relatives does… they have no time for exercise! Since I’m preggio, my doc advices not to start on exercising so as I can deliver my baby at the right time. :)

Have you heard about this weight loss product that advertises weight loss without dieting, exercising, or supplements? I guess this is some kinda’ cool and fitted for those who wanted to loss weight but have no time for exercises. Well, a good new for my Aunties, cousins and to some of my friends since the said product is said to work through the science of olfactory senses. I will be sprinkled on food prior to eating and will help the body feel fuller quicker so there is no overeating and no hunger, leading to weight loss. I need to let them read more of the sensa reviews so that they will be more motivated to buy it!

Sweating It Out

Holidays had just passed… lots and lots of  foods were eaten and parties everywhere  were attended. Of course, not just me who gained much weight but you too for sure. Lots of my friends and office mates were complaining about their weight as of now. They wanted to have their new year’s resolution which is to lose weight the soonest.

In the office they were discussing on which diet pill that works on them aside from the “sweating it out” (Hataw/Exercise) activity hold by our office every other day. Since I know something about this,  I made some suggestions about some proven products and good thing is- they want to try it . Hope it will work on them. :)


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